“Write with Power. Live Your Passion. Fulfill Your Purpose.”

Writing and Ghostwriting

I partner with you to provide expert services for your writing journey, helping you tell your story and share your messages powerfully and authentically.

Life Support

I speak lovingly and transparently on topics such as purpose, love, relationships, breaking free from the past, and how to discover the power of your own story.

Inspiration and Other Stuff: 

#WhatISee Monday: The Power of Choice

What I see and hear for us today concerns the wonderful power of choice that belongs to us. From what I observe, often at the root of discouragement and depression is the belief that we are stuck, that there are no options, that what we don’t want and didn’t plan for...

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#TransformationTuesday – No More Hiding

“What would you tell your 18-year-old self?” Nicole Michelle Pertillar posed this question in her powerful book, Originally RED – Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You,* where my full answer to that question is published. At 18 years old I wasn’t happy with who I was…

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#WhatISee Monday: RUN

I have set aside Mondays to share what God is showing me to encourage The Body. The Body is The Body of Christ, Christ followers, true Disciples who desire to be Christlike in their daily lifestyle. We are by no means perfect but we strive to love as God loves.

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Rachel’s New Book!

Rachel’s New Book!

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